Everything You Need to Know About Gematria

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Gematria is a way of describing a phrase in numerical value, and it is a method used for centuries. Gematria is a Jewish type of numerology where alphabets are replaced by the numbers. It is around 8 th BC when people first used Gematria technique and the Gematria number values can be different in various languages. The Hebrew numerical values are different from the English language, for example letter A has different numerical values in Hebrew and in English.

You can use the Gematria Calculator to convert any phrase into numerical values. The English gematria calculator is especially used to convert the phrases into numerical values, and it is only the English words and phrases which are converted by the online tools. The gematria Hebrew calculator is especially designed to convert the Hebrew words into the numeral values and get the spiritual feeling from a word or a phrase.

Example of Gematria:

  • The Hebrew word Chai(חי) and we are familiar with  its actual meaning is alive . The numeric value of the Chai(חי) is equal to 18 and itg is manian reason the 18 is sacred to many jewish people.
  • Muslims Utilize the  Arabic Gematria and they believe the  number “786” is used to describe “Bismillah ”. For some to the Muslims it  is a sacred number, and used ot write 786 at the start of script.

 Types of Gematria

There are various type of the Gematria and we are describing them below and when we are using the simple gematria calculator, we can find the answer in most of the Gematria types.

  • English Ordinal
  • Full Reduction
  • Reverse Ordinal
  • Reverse Full Reduction
  • Jewish Gematria
  • English Gematria
  • Hebrew

Practical Implementation:

Consider the word “Help” and we are going to use the various codes to convert this number into various Geamratrai. We are using the Gematria Calculator to convert the word “Help” into various Gematria values.

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full ReductionJewish GematriaEnglish GematriaHebrew

( 4Letters , 1Words )

English Ordinal:

The English Ordinal value is: 

“Help” = 41 English Ordinal:


Full Reduction:

Help” = 23Full Reduction

Fibonacci(8th) 21 – 23 – 34 (9th)28655.375214822
Triangular(6th) 21 – 23 – 28 (7th)276
PrimeYES – (9th)83
Factorization1 23
21 2324

Reverse Ordinal 

Reverse Full Reduction:

“Help” = 13Reverse Full Reduction

21 6768

Reverse Full Reduction 

“Help” = 13Reverse Full Reduction

Reverse Full Reduction


Purpose of using the Gematria:

The main purpose of the Gematria is to obtain the spiritual understanding of the religious text. We can draw different meanings from the numeric values of words and phrases. There are various purposes of the Gematria in our daily life. The Jewish gematria calculator is used to convert the religious text manuscript into numerical values. The gematria number calculator is utilized to convert the special text into the gematria conversion.

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