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Through this article, we will share CNT Act 1908 PDF with you, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same post.

CNT Act 1908 PDF Overview

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CNT Act 1908 PDF Summary

The CNT Act, 1908, refers to the Chotanagpur, and Santhal Parganas Tenancy Act, 1908. This act was enacted in British India to provide legal protection to the rights and interests of indigenous tribal communities in the Chotanagpur plateau and Santhal Parganas regions, which are now part of the Indian states of Jharkhand and some parts of West Bengal and Bihar.

The key provisions and objectives of the CNT Act, 1908, can be summarized as follows:

  1. Protection of Land Rights: The primary objective of the act was to protect the land rights of tribal communities residing in these regions. It aimed to prevent the alienation of tribal land to non-tribal individuals or entities, thereby safeguarding tribal communities from land dispossession and exploitation.
  2. Restrictions on Land Transfer: The CNT Act introduced stringent restrictions on the transfer of tribal land. It prohibited the transfer of tribal land to non-tribal persons without the permission of the local authorities or the state government.
  3. Regulation of Leases: The act regulated the leasing of tribal land, ensuring that the terms and conditions of leases were fair and in the best interests of the tribal landowners.
  4. Recognition of Community Rights: The act recognized the customary rights and privileges of tribal communities over their land. It aimed to maintain the community character of tribal land and protect the traditional practices and customs of these communities.
  5. Legal Procedures: The CNT Act established legal procedures for the sale, lease, and transfer of tribal land, ensuring that such transactions were conducted fairly and transparently.
  6. Protection of Occupancy Rights: The act provided protection to individuals who had been in long-term occupation of tribal land, ensuring that they could continue to occupy and use the land without the risk of eviction.
  7. Special Provisions for Santhal Parganas: The act contained specific provisions for the Santhal Parganas region, recognizing the distinctive land tenure systems and customary laws of the Santhal community.
  8. Administration and Governance: It established the framework for the administration and governance of these regions, with a focus on protecting the rights and interests of tribal communities.

The Chotanagpur and Santhal Parganas Tenancy Act, 1908, has played a crucial role in preserving the land and cultural heritage of tribal communities in these regions. It has been instrumental in preventing the exploitation and dispossession of tribal land and resources by non-tribal individuals and entities.

Over the years, there have been discussions and debates about amending and updating the CNT Act to address contemporary challenges while continuing to protect the rights and interests of tribal communities. These discussions often revolve around balancing the need for economic development and infrastructure with the imperative to safeguard the land rights and cultural heritage of indigenous communities.

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