Agriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes PDF

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Agriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes PDF: Here we will share the complete Agriculture Optional Notes by Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Sir in PDF formet, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same post.

Agriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes PDF

PDF NameAgriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes PDF
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Agriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes PDF Summary

If you have decided to participate in the UPSC exam and have selected Agriculture as an optional subject, then today’s article can be very useful for you, because through this article we will share with you Deepak Mahadev Dhamane’s Agriculture. Will share the complete notes of Optional in PDF format.

In this notes, Sir Deepak Mahadev Dhamane has shared information about all the topics of Agriculture Optional subject in brief and easy language.

Topics Covered in Agriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes:

Paper I:

1. Agronomy:

  • Principles and practices of crop production and management.
  • Crop ecology and geography.
  • Dryland agriculture.
  • Organic farming.
  • Weed management.

2. Soil Science:

  • Soil genesis, classification, and fertility.
  • Soil conservation and management.
  • Soil erosion and its control.
  • Soil and water pollution.

3. Agricultural Meteorology:

  • Weather forecasting.
  • Climate change and agriculture.
  • Agroclimatic zones in India.

4. Farm Management:

  • Farm planning and budgeting.
  • Farm finance and credit.
  • Agricultural marketing and pricing.

5. Agricultural Extension:

  • Role and importance of agricultural extension.
  • Methods of communication in agriculture.
  • Extension education and training.

Paper II:

1. Plant Breeding and Genetics:

  • Principles of plant breeding.
  • Breeding of field crops, horticultural crops, and livestock.
  • Biotechnology in crop improvement.

2. Seed Technology:

  • Seed production and processing.
  • Seed testing and quality control.

3. Horticulture:

  • Fruit and vegetable production and post-harvest management.
  • Plantation crops and spices.
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants.

4. Agriculture Economics:

  • Basic concepts of agricultural economics.
  • Farm and agribusiness management.
  • Agricultural finance and marketing.

5. Agricultural Entomology:

  • Insect morphology, taxonomy, and biology.
  • Pest management strategies.

6. Plant Pathology:

  • Principles of plant pathology.
  • Disease diagnosis and management.

7. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science:

  • Livestock production and management.
  • Poultry and dairy production.
  • Animal breeding and genetics.
  • Veterinary health services.

8. Agriculture Statistics:

  • Collection and analysis of agricultural data.
  • Sampling techniques and surveys.

9. Agricultural Engineering:

  • Farm machinery and power.
  • Soil and water conservation engineering.
  • Renewable energy sources in agriculture.

Agriculture Optional Deepak Mahadev Dhamane Notes PDF Download Link

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