Analogy Questions for SSC PDF

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Here, we are going to share Analogy Questions for SSC PDF with you, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same post.

Analogy questions are asked in almost every exam conducted by SSC. That is why we are sharing a pdf of 1000 analogy questions so that you can answer all the questions of the Analogy chapter on any exam.

Analogy Questions for SSC PDF

PDF NameAnalogy Questions for SSC PDF
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Analogy Questions for SSC PDF Summary

Choose the pair that best completes the analogy:

Dog: Bark:: Cat:?
a) Purr
b) Meow
c) Woof
d) Hiss

Pen : Writer :: Brush : ?
a) Artist
b) Painter
c) Sculptor
d) Musician

Marathon : Race :: Symphony : ?
a) Orchestra
b) Concert
c) Music
d) Conductor

Doctor : Stethoscope :: Carpenter : ?
a) Hammer
b) Saw
c) Chisel
d) Screwdriver

Ocean : Water :: Forest : ?
a) Trees
b) Animals
c) Leaves
d) Soil

Circle : Sphere :: Square : ?
a) Rectangle
b) Cube
c) Triangle
d) Circle

Moon : Satellite :: Earth : ?
a) Planet
b) Sun
c) Galaxy
d) Star

Book : Author :: Painting : ?
a) Sculptor
b) Musician
c) Writer
d) Artist

Knife : Cut :: Hammer : ?
a) Break
b) Nail
c) Build
d) Hit

Nurse : Hospital :: Teacher : ?
a) Classroom
b) Student
c) Library
d) Book

Download Analogy Questions for SSC PDF

To download the pdf of 1000+ analogy questions, follow the download button given below.

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