Birds Name in Hindi and English PDF

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Here, we are going to share Birds Name in Hindi and English PDF with you, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below.

Whenever there is talk of villages in India, birds are definitely mentioned. Because the birds in the village wake up the humans with the first rays of the morning.

Birds Name in Hindi and English PDF

PDF NameBirds Name in Hindi and English PDF
LanguageHindi and English
No. of Pages3
PDF Size0.95 MB

Birds Name in Hindi and English PDF Summary

Birds Name in Hindi and English

Birds are very important creatures for the earth because birds help in maintaining the balance of our environment.

English NameHindi Name
Sparrowगौरैया (Gauraiya)
Pigeonकबूतर (Kabutar)
Crowकौवा (Kauwa)
Peacockमोर (Mor)
Parrotतोता (Tota)
Eagleबाज (Baaz)
Owlउल्लू (Ullu)
Duckबतख (Batak)
Swanहंस (Hans)
Kingfisherमछलीदाना (Machhli Dana)
Cuckooकोयल (Koyal)
Mynaमैना (Maina)
Sparrowhawkतीतर (Titar)
Woodpeckerकठफोड़वा (Kathphorwa)
Bulbulबुलबुल (Bulbul)
Seagullसमुद्री गधा (Samudri Gadha)
Storkसारस (Saras)
Falconशाहीन (Shahin)
Hornbillबाँटा (Banta)
Pelicanएकलाख (Eklaakh)

If all the birds are killed, then this earth will not be suitable for humans, and that’s why we all should protect the birds.

And the sad thing is that the number of birds is decreasing day by day and many birds have also become extinct.

AlphabetEnglish NameHindi Name
AEagleबाज (Baaz)
BBulbulबुलबुल (Bulbul)
CCrowकौवा (Kauwa)
DDuckबतख (Batak)
EEmuइमू (Imu)
FFalconशाहीन (Shahin)
GGooseहंस (Hans)
HHornbillबाँटा (Banta)
IIbisबगुला (Bagula)
JJayमोर (Mor)
KKingfisherमछलीदाना (Machhli Dana)
LLarkभोरा (Bhora)
MMynaमैना (Maina)
NNightingaleबुलबुल (Bulbul)
OOwlउल्लू (Ullu)
PParrotतोता (Tota)
QQuailबटेर (Bater)
RRobinरोबिन (Robin)
SSparrowगौरैया (Gauraiya)
TTurkeyटर्की (Turki)
UUral Owlऊँट उल्लू (Unt Ullu)
VVultureगिद्ध (Giddh)
WWoodpeckerकठफोड़वा (Kathphorwa)
X(No commonly known birds starting with X)
YYellowhammerपीला चट्टेर (Pila Chatter)
ZZebra Doveजेबरा फाख्ता (Zebra Fakhta)

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