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Forex Trading Chart Patterns PDF: Forex trading chart patterns are graphical representations of currency exchange market price fluctuations.

These patterns give traders a visual tool for analyzing market mood, identifying probable trend reversals, and making sound trading decisions.

Forex Trading Chart Patterns PDF

PDF NameForex Trading Chart Patterns PDF
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Forex Trading Chart Patterns PDF Summary

Forex Trading Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are produced by the collective activities of traders and investors and are classified into three types: continuation patterns, reversal patterns, and consolidation patterns.

Ascending Triangle

The ascending triangle is a bullish continuation pattern characterized by a flat top and rising bottom. It indicates that buyers are gradually gaining control, and a breakout to the upside is anticipated.

Descending Triangle

On the other hand, the descending triangle is a bearish continuation pattern with a flat bottom and declining top. It signifies that sellers are exerting more pressure, and a downside breakout is expected.

Symmetrical Triangle

The symmetrical triangle is neutral and can lead to either a bullish or bearish breakout. It signifies a period of indecision in the market, with price squeezing between converging trendlines.

Bullish Pennant

A bullish pennant is a short-term continuation pattern that resembles a small flag. It suggests a brief consolidation before a potential upward move.

Bearish Pennant

Conversely, a bearish pennant resembles a small flag but indicates a short consolidation before a potential downward move.

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