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Through this article, we will share Linux Commands List PDF with you, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same post.

Linux Commands List PDF Overview

PDF NameLinux Commands List PDF
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Linux Commands List PDF Summary

  • ls: List files and directories in the current directory.
  • cd: Change the current directory.
  • pwd: Print the current working directory.
  • mkdir: Create a new directory.
  • rmdir or rm: Remove files or directories.
  • cp: Copy files or directories.
  • mv: Move or rename files or directories.
  • cat: Display file content.
  • less or more: View file content page by page.
  • head and tail: Display the beginning or end of a file.
  • grep: Search for text in files.
  • find: Search for files and directories.
  • ps: List running processes.
  • kill: Terminate processes.
  • tar: Archive files and directories.
  • gzip or gunzip: Compress and decompress files.
  • df: Display disk space usage.
  • du: Show directory space usage.
  • ifconfig or ip: Configure network interfaces.
  • ping: Test network connectivity.
  • ssh: Securely connect to remote servers.
  • chmod: Change file permissions.
  • chown: Change file ownership.
  • passwd: Change user password.
  • useradd and userdel: Add or delete user accounts.
  • groupadd and groupdel: Manage user groups.
  • top or htop: Monitor system resource usage.
  • history: Display command history.
  • sudo: Execute commands as a superuser.
  • shutdown and reboot: Power off or restart the system.
  • date: Display or set system date and time.
  • echo: Output text to the terminal.
  • wget or curl: Download files from the internet.
  • scp: Securely copy files between systems.

Linux Commands List PDF Download Link

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