One Word Substitution for SSC CHSL PDF Download

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Through today’s post, we are going to share One Word Substitution for SSC CHSL PDF with you, which you can download for free using direct download link given below in this post.

If you are preparing for competitive exams like SSC CHSL, CGL, Bank, MTS…etc. Then you know one word substitution is how much important. That’s why, today we have come up with the best collection of one word substitution which are very important for upcoming competitive exam.

One Word Substitution for SSC CHSL PDF

PDF NameOne Word Substitution PDF
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Important One Word Substitution

  • Mapping of earth and its formation – Geography
  • Scientific study of bodily diseases – Pathology
  • Study of birds – Ornithology
  • Study of handwriting – Graphology
  • Study of human development – Anthropology
  • Study of science of insects – Entomology
  • Study of various aspects of aging – Gerontology
  • Study of religion – Theology
  • One with unlimited power – Autocrat
  • An expert in writing by hand – Chirographer
  • One who walks on ropes – Funambulist
  • One who is all powerful – Omnipotent
  • One who believes in ruthless self-aggrandizement – Egoist
  • One who doesn’t consume alcohol – Teetotaler
  • One who easily believes others – Credulous
  • One who is a boot licker, flatterer – Sycophant
  • One who has keen interest in food and drinks – Gourmet
  • One who loves and admires the British – Anglophile
  • Fondness towards women – Phylogyny
  • Madness or obsession with males – Andromania
  • One who believes in the presence of God – Theist
  • One who believes that God is union of all forces of the universe – Pantheist
  • One who believes in many Gods – Polytheist
  • One who believes in the theory of only one God – Monotheist
  • One who doesn’t believe in the presence of God – Atheist
  • Having several husbands – Polyandry
  • A name framed after father’s name – Patronymic

If you want to real all the important one word substitutions then please download the pdf shared in this post.

Download One Word Substitution PDF

To download the complete one word substitution for all SSC exams, follow the download button mentioned below.

Through this post, we have shared One Word Substitution for SSC CHSL PDF notes with you, I think, you liked the knowledge shared in this post, if you liked the information please do share with your friends as well.

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