50+ Positive Degree Examples with PDF – Free Download

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Through today’s post, we are going to share 50+ Positive Degree Examples with PDF with you, which you can download for free using direct download link given below in this same post.

For better understanding of Positive Degree, Examples play an important role. Here, we will share more then 50 examples of positive degree which you can download in the format of pdf also.

50+ Positive Degree Examples with PDF

PDF NamePositive Degree Examples with PDF
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  • Amit is not tall as Sudip.
  • He is ferocious as a Tiger.
  • He is as intimate to me as to you.
  • Sunita is as good as her sister.
  • Her is at least as competent as any other man.
  • No other boy in the class is so good as he.
  • There is no mystery so great as misery.
  • No sooner has the thief seen the policeman than he fled.
  • I have never seen so beautiful a pearl as this.
  • Suresh does not bowl so fast as Umesh.
  • My brother is as cleaver as you.
  • Kajal cannot walk so fast as I.
  • Very few countries are so rick as this.
  • There are few places as hot as this.
  • Rahul is as strong as you.
  • No other island is so large as Majuli in Assam.
  • Mahi is as tall as his brother.
  • Daisy is as humble as her friend.
  • No other person can do better as Mohit in this office.
  • No other student is so weak in mathematics as he in the class.
  • Raju is so good man as his father.
  • The boy is too lazy to be successful.
  • I am not so rick as you.
  • She is so good that everybody would like her.
  • No other man is so good as Suraj.
  • No other historical place is so beautiful as Taj Mahal.
  • N0 other writer is so good as he in this time.
  • Rony is not as intelligent as Ajay.
  • No other students in his class is so active as Manish.
  • No other singer is so famous as Lata Mangeshkar.
  • William Shakespeare is famous for is novel.
  • The Yumuna is not long as the Ganga.

Download Positive Degree Examples PDF

To download the examples of positive degree in the format of pdf, just follow the download button given below.

Through this post, we have shared Positive Degree Examples with PDF with you. Hope, you have downloaded the pdf, if you are facing any issue while downloading then please report us via comment section below.

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