[UPSC Topper] Shruti Sharma History Optional Notes PDF Free Download

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Shruti Sharma History Optional Notes PDF: Here, we will share the personal notes of History Option of UPSC topper Shruti Sharma in PDF format, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below.

Shruti Sharma History Optional Notes PDF

PDF NameShruti Sharma History Optional Notes PDF
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Shruti Sharma History Optional Notes PDF Summary

UPSC exam is one of the highest competitive exam in India and it ranks first among all competitive exams, and very high level questions are asked in this exam.

Many students dream of passing the UPSC exam. Although UPSC exam is very difficult, but with proper advice and disciplined preparation, it can be passed easily.

All of us must be knowing Shruti Sharma who has been a UPSC topper, in today’s article we will share with you the notes of Shruti Sharma Ma’am’s History Optional.

This is personal and short notes of Shruti Sharma Ma’am, you can use these notes for short revisions.

We are sharing these important notes with you absolutely free so that you can also fulfill your dream by passing the UPSC exam.

In this notes, you will get all the important topics of History. Here, we are going to mention topics which have been covered in this notes:

  1. Ancient India
    • Indus Valley Civilization
    • Vedic Period
    • Mauryan and Gupta Empires
    • Post-Gupta Period
    • Early Medieval India
  2. Medieval India
    • Delhi Sultanate
    • Mughal Empire
    • Vijayanagara and Bahmani Kingdoms
    • Marathas and Sikhs
    • The Sultanate of Deccan
  3. Modern India
    • The British East India Company
    • Indian Freedom Struggle
    • Socio-Religious Movements
    • Administrative Changes Post-1857
    • Role of Mahatma Gandhi and Other Leaders
  4. World History
    • The French Revolution
    • American Revolution
    • Industrial Revolution
    • World Wars (I and II)
    • Cold War and Post-Cold War Era
  5. Indian Culture
    • Art and Architecture
    • Religion and Philosophy
    • Literature and Music
    • Dance and Drama
    • Festivals and Traditions
  6. Historiography and Historians
    • Major Historians and Their Works
    • Different Approaches to History
    • Recent Trends in Historical Research
  7. History of Science and Technology
    • Ancient Indian Contributions
    • Scientific Developments in the Modern Period
  8. Environmental History
    • Historical Perspectives on Environmental Issues
    • Conservation Movements in India
  9. Women’s History
    • Role of Women in Various Historical Periods
    • Women’s Movements in India
  10. Cultural and Intellectual Movements
    • Bhakti and Sufi Movements
    • Renaissance and Enlightenment

Shruti Sharma History Optional Notes PDF Download Link

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