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Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja PDF: Here, we will share the complete “Social problems in India” book in PDF format, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same post.

Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja PDF

PDF NameSocial problems in India by Ram Ahuja PDF
No. of Pages399
PDF Size9 MB
SourcePublic Domain

Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja PDF Summary

“Social Problems in India” is a well-known book written by Ram Ahuja. The book provides an in-depth analysis of various social issues and challenges that India faces. While I can’t provide verbatim copyrighted text, I can offer a summary of some of the key social problems discussed in the book:

Poverty: Ahuja discusses the widespread issue of poverty in India, including its causes, consequences, and government policies aimed at poverty alleviation.

Unemployment: The book examines unemployment as a social problem, delving into the factors contributing to unemployment and the challenges it poses for India’s workforce.

Population Growth: Ahuja explores India’s population explosion and its implications for social and economic development.

Illiteracy: The issue of illiteracy is addressed, with a focus on educational disparities and efforts to improve literacy rates.

Gender Inequality: Gender-based discrimination, violence against women, and the need for gender equality are discussed in the context of social problems.

Child Labor: The book highlights the prevalence of child labor in India and efforts to eliminate this problem.

Caste System: Ahuja examines the persistence of the caste system, caste-based discrimination, and affirmative action policies (reservation) to address caste-related inequalities.

Communalism and Religious Conflicts: The book covers issues related to communal tensions, religious conflicts, and efforts to promote religious harmony.

Corruption: Corruption as a social problem is analyzed, including its impact on governance and society, along with anti-corruption measures.

Healthcare and Sanitation: The book discusses issues related to healthcare, sanitation, and public health challenges in India.

Environmental Problems: Environmental issues like pollution, deforestation, and resource depletion are explored.

Migration and Urbanization: Ahuja examines the challenges posed by rural-to-urban migration and the growth of urban areas.

Globalization and Social Change: The book touches upon the impact of globalization on Indian society, including economic, cultural, and social changes.

Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja PDFF Download Link

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