50+ Examples of Proper Noun in Sentences with PDF

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Through today’s post, we are going to share 50+ Examples of Proper Noun in Sentences with PDF with you, which you can download for free using direct download link given below in this same post.

If you are looking for proper noun examples in sentences then this post may be very helpful for you, also you can download these examples in the format of pdf and read offline using your smartphone or computer.

50+ Examples of Proper Noun in Sentences with PDF

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  • China: China is the most populated country in the world.
  • Alex: Alex was waiting for her father to receive her.
  • Memorial Day: It was a memorial day for this nation.
  • Hugh Jackman: Hugh Jackman was trying to cross the desert.
  • Toyota: I was going to buy a new Toyota car.
  • Facebook: Facebook is a social platform to express your ideas.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous football player.
  • France: The President of France was defamed a lot.
  • Germany: This car is manufactured and assembled in Germany.
  • Queen: Elizabeth was the beautiful queen.
  • Mercedes: Within two years I will buy a new Mercedes.
  • Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez was going to explain this lecture.
  • April: She was born in the month of April.
  • Madrid: He is a real Madrid.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday is the last day to submit the application form.
  • Spain: Spain is a strong economy in the world.
  • Russian: I love Russian girls.
  • Nigerians: I like Nigerians because Nigeria is my birth place.
  • Titanic: I was watching Titanic movie.
  • Monday: I will submit this assignment till coming Monday.
  • September: There is no time in opening of September sale.
  • Dolphins: There are 25 dolphins in this sea.
  • Asia: She came from Asia.
  • Florida: I want to settle in Florida.
  • Russia: Russia is considered a great country.
  • Pepsi-Cola: My brother works at Pepsi-Cola.
  • Deadpool: I want to visit and dive in Deadpool.
  • Turkey: Turkey is a Muslim country.
  • Google: Google is one of the best search engine.
  • Coca-Cola: Ronaldo refused to drink Coca-Cola.
  • Paris: Paris is the worth seeing country.
  • Jim: Jim is very handsome guy and I want to marry with him.
  • Indonesia: Indonesia is the top country by Muslim population.
  • Sunday: I am very busy this Sunday.
  • James: I used to watch James Bond movies.
  • Amazon: Amazon is one of the biggest E commerce store.
  • War and Peace: We should help the humanity in war and peace.
  • London: She wanted to settle in London after her studies.
  • United Nations: United Nations imposed restrictions on Afghanistan.
  • Maria: Maria is a beautiful girl and want to live happy.
  • Tom: Tom was chasing jerry.
  • Daily Times: The news was published in daily times.
  • Everest: Mount Everest is the highest in this world.
  • December: He was sitting alone in the December nights.
  • New York: Her father works in New York.
  • White House: He was sitting with confidence in white house.
  • Ferrari: My father gifted me a Ferrari on my Birthday.
  • George: George is my favorite student.
  • Maya: Maya is the owner of this company.
  • Daniel: Daniel was waiting for her girlfriend to complete her task.

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Through this post, we have shared 50+ Examples of Proper Noun in Sentences with PDF with you. Hope, these information will be very beneficial for you, if you liked this post then please do share this post with your friends as well.

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