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Here, we will share the complete Narration Rules PDF with you, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same post.

Narration is a topic of English grammar that refers reporting of speech, thoughts, or actions of others. Here you will get the complete notes of Narration in the format of pdf.

Narration Rules PDF

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Narration Rules PDF Summary

Direct speaking is the act of repeating the precise words expressed by another person. The speaker’s words are enclosed in quotation marks in direct speech, and a reporting verb is used to begin the speech. “I said,’ for example, ‘I’m going to the store.'”

Indirect speaking is when you report something someone said without using their exact words. The reporting verb is used to initiate the discourse in indirect speech, and the tense and pronouns are adjusted to represent the shift from direct to indirect speech. “I said I was going to the store,” for example.

The tense of the verb in the reported speech typically changes while moving from directly speaking to indirect communication. For example, present tense becomes past tense, and future tense becomes conditional tense. “He said, ‘I am happy,'” for example, becomes, “He said that he was happy.”

Pronoun changes: Pronouns in reported speech may also alter in indirect discourse. “She said, ‘I love him,'” for example, becomes, “She said that she loved him.”

Different reporting verbs can be used to indicate the speaker’s tone or attitude. For example, “I ordered him to leave” vs “I politely asked him to leave.”

Download Narration Rules PDF

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Through this post, we have shared the complete Narration rules notes pdf with you. Hope, you have downloaded the pdf, if you are facing any issues while downloading this pdf then please do report us via the comment section below.

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